WATCH: diGenova Blasts Mueller Letter to Barr as “Outrageous, Vindictive, Unethical”

Former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova appeared on Fox Business, where he blasted special counsel Robert Mueller’s letter to AG William Barr.

The AP reported that special counsel Robert Mueller expressed frustration to Attorney General William Barr last month about how the findings of his Russia investigation were being portrayed, saying he worried that a letter summarizing the main conclusions of the probe lacked the necessary context and was creating public confusion about his team’s work, a Justice Department official said Tuesday night.

Liberals are jumping all over the report, using it to push for impeachment of William Barr.

diGenova said, the bottom line here is this is a continuation of a very bad process here that Bob Mueller started by hiring a bunch of Democrats and having them led by Andrew Weissmann who showed up at Hillary Clinton’s so-called victory party and broke into tears with her. This is an abusive, outrageous, vindictive, unethical, unprofessional letter that was written for Mueller by Weissman.”

Watch the video: