WATCH: DiGenova Believes Comey Colluded with Obama to Blackmail Trump

Former federal prosector Joe DiGenova claims that Barack Obama knew that James Comey was going to blackmail incoming President Trump.

Fox News reported that President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani laid out the case for blackmail against Comey.

“Comey in January told the president it was ‘salacious and unverified.’ How did it become ‘salacious and unverified’ over five months? When they used it in affidavits in which Comey says on the top of the affidavit that it’s verified, in footnote five, page 15, he says it’s reliable, not unverified. In other words, he either lied to the president or he lied to the court. I’m betting on he lied to the court and we call that perjury Jim and Brennan may be a witness against him,” Giuliani said.

Giuliani mocked Comey’s recent op-ed on how President Trump co-opts those around him and his accusation that the president “eats your soul.”

“This guy can tell you what’s going to happen to your immortal soul which is what he said to Rod Rosenstein the other day. So, maybe he is above indictment,” Giuliani said.

Watch the video:


Former U.S. Attorney Joe DiGenova slammed fired FBI Director James Comey as a “delusional” snake who colluded with Barack Obama to blackmail President Donald Trump before he even stepped into office.

“That briefing about President-elect Trump occurred on January 6th [2017],” DiGenova told Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro. “And the day before on January 5th, there was a meeting in the White House with President Obama, Vice President Biden, James Comey, Sally Yates, and Susan Rice.”

“And what were they discussing? The counter-intelligence investigation against the incoming president of the United States. Barack Obama knew that James Comey was going to blackmail the incoming president of the United States.”

DiGenova: Comey planned blackmail with Obama and his aides

DiGenova says Obama colluded with these top officials in his administration to undermine then-President Elect Donald Trump before he even started his first day on the job:

  • BI director James Comey.
  • Vice President Joe Biden.
  • National Security Adviser Susan Rice.
  • Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates.

DiGenova: Chris Wray is an empty suit who loves Comey

Joe di Genova also blasted current FBI Director Christopher Wray as “an empty suit” and a Comey superfan.

DiGenova says while Wray repeatedly squawks that he’s nonpartisan, in reality, he’s “a Comey acolyte” who’s deliberately undermining U.S. Attorney General William Barr because Barr basically said the Russia collusion investigation was a partisan witch hunt.

“The new FBI Director, Christopher Wray, is an empty suit,” di Genova said. “He’s an embarrassment to the United States….That’s why the Attorney General doesn’t have answers [that he wants]. Because Christopher Wray has refused to investigate…Just remember this: He is a Comey acolyte. He loves James Comey.”

When Judge Jeanine asked why Comey keeps on blabbing nonsense on Twitter and elsewhere, di Genova said it’s because Comey is a “delusional,” self-important jackass who thinks nothing will happen to him if he keeps defaming President Trump.

Former Obama CIA director John Brennan also played role

As BizPac Review reported, di Genova said former Obama CIA director John Brennan intentionally pushed false information that was later used to launch an illegitimate counter-intelligence investigation of Trump when he was a private citizen running for president.

“It is abundantly clear that there was no legitimate basis even for a counter-intelligence investigation — let alone a criminal investigation,” di Genova said in May 2018.

DiGenova added: “John Brennan was at the head of the group of people who were going to create a counter-intelligence investigation against Trump by creating false information that was going to be fed through Carter Page and George Papadopoulos so that it would be picked up, reported back to Washington, and provide the basis for a fake counter-intelligence investigation. It was all Brennan’s doing.”

DiGenova has repeatedly underscored that Robert Mueller’s investigation of Trump aides related to the 2016 election was totally illegitimate and founded upon a mountain of lies.

Like many other attorneys, DiGenova says the illegal surveillance of Trump aides and the fruitless “Russia collusion” investigation stems from Barack Obama’s failed attempts to rig the election for Hillary Clinton by weaponizing the FBI and CIA against Donald Trump when he was a private citizen.