WATCH: DeSantis to Florida Spring Breakers “The Party’s Over”

Appearing on Fox News, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis says beaches in the state are either closing entirely or staying open but will have to abide by CDC guidelines on crowds and distancing.

DeSantis has come under fire for not having closed all beaches as some parties of spring breakers at the beach amid the coronavirus pandemic have gone viral.


Per Newsweek, Republican Senator Rick Scott of Florida, who previously served as the state’s governor, urged people to “get off the beach” after the state’s current GOP governor refused to shut down the beaches this week.

Images of crowded Florida beaches have circulated widely in news reports and online, with many criticizing young “spring breakers” and other beachgoers for disregarding social distancing recommendations issued by the White House and health experts due to the growing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, who took office last year, refused to close down the beaches to the public.

“Individuals need to take responsibility and every level of government has got to be very clear: Don’t be on the beach unless you can somehow be completely by yourself,” Scott, who preceded DeSantis as Florida’s governor, said in a Thursday morning interview with CNN. “I mean, we’ve got to figure out the social distancing,” he warned.

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