WATCH: Alan Dershowitz Tells CNN “I’m against impeachment. I’m clear about that”

Appearing on CNN with Anderson Cooper, legal icon Alan Dershowitz explained his role in the Trump impeachment hearing.

Asked “Whose side are you on?” by Jeffrey Toobin, Dershowitz replied. “I’m against impeachment. I’m clear about that,” Alan Dershowitz then elaborated on why he will help defend President Trump in the Senate. “I think it would be unconstitutional. It would set a terrible precedent for this President to be impeached for these alleged articles of impeachment.”

Alan Dershowitz:

I’ve been asked to prepare and deliver the case, the constitutional case against impeachment that benefits the President.

It’s the same argument I would have made if Hillary Clinton had gotten elected and she was being impeached. Similar to the arguments

I made when I testified as a witness against the impeachment of Bill Clinton and when I consulted with the Bill Clinton legal team on there only to argue about the constitutional criteria for which i’ve written about extensively and why these two articles don’t rise to the level of an impeachable offense. 


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