WATCH: Dershowitz says “I Hope Rittenhouse Sues CNN”

Legal Icon Alan Dershowitz told Sean Hannity he hopes Kyle Rittenhouse sues CNN following his acquittal on Friday. Dershowitz even offered to help by sharing his “research about CNN with Rittenhouse and his lawyers.”

“Critics and people who support the conviction just heard a different case,” Dershowitz said. “They heard a case of a white supremacist crossing state lines with an AR-15 who had no business being in the place that he went to. Who went for no good reason, who was not chased and had no fear for his life.”

“That’s what CNN told their viewers,” he added. “I hope that Rittenhouse sues CNN. I want to make an offer. I will share my research about CNN with Rittenhouse and his lawyers. As you know, I am suing CNN because they totally distorted and edited a tape of my defense of President Trump. They have a policy, a history of distorting facts in order to present a narrative.”

Earlier, appearing on NewsmaxTV, Dershowitz argued not guilty was the “right verdict” in the Rittenhouse case.