WATCH: Dershowitz says Chauvin guilty verdict should be vacated “This was not a juror. This was an advocate”

Appearing on Fox News, legal icon Alan Dershowitz was asked by Sean Hannity “This one juror actually attended that event that had George Floyd family members speaking. He didn’t say that on the jury question form. Will that guilty verdict be vacated?”

Dershowitz replied “It should be without a doubt. This was not a juror. This was an advocate. If it had not been an anonymous jury it probably would have been disclosed that a juror who had a point of view before he heard a single bit of evidence. When you combine that with the threats of the jurors. Why do you think this juror came out now and publicized himself? Because he voted to convict. If he dared to vote to acquit he would never have disclosed himself because he knows he would be attacked. That is not the way the jury system should operate in America.”

“I agree with the professor,” Leo Terrell said. “I think the key here is this. The defendant has definitely earned the right to have an evidentiary hearing to see if the jury questionnaire, if he did lie, I think it guarantees a reversal. More importantly, Maxine Waters, Ben Crump, Al Sharpton, people who are trying to influence a jury pool, this just might be one of several other jurors whom may have been influenced by the activities outside the courtroom.”