WATCH: Dershowitz Says Angry Dems Were Giving Him “Scowls” During Trial

Appearing on Watters’ World, Trump legal team member Alan Dershowitz revealed angry Democrats were giving him “scowls” during the impeachment trial.

After being asked to reveal names, Dershowitz named Bernie Sanders.

Alan Dershowitz:

Yeah, yeah, I would say Bernie Sanders gave me a scowl.

Jesse Watters:

He gives a scowl to everybody. How can you tell?

Alan Dershowitz:

Well, I could tell because I made a hypothetical. I said what if, some day, a Democrat gets elected president and then the Democrat says to the Israelis ‘Quid pro quo you’re not getting a nickel of the allocated funds unless you stop the settlements. I made that point, of course, looking at Sanders and he looked back at me scowling, because he would be that Democratic president. It wouldn’t be illegal would be foreign policy even though it was a quid pro quo.


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