WATCH: Demonstrators Hold Rally Outside Pelosi’s Home Amid Salon Visit Backlash

Over a dozen female demonstrators held a rally outside House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home Thursday amid backlash from her salon visit.

The women, many who wore patriotic clothing draped hair blowers and curlers on a tree, along with an American Flag, and dubbed the flag a “freedom tree.”

During the rally one of the speakers says they are fighting “to make sure everybody has an opportunity to earn a living and feed their families.”

During another part of the rally, the group chants “freedom! freedom!”


President Trump tweeted Thursday “Crazy Nancy Pelosi said she was “set up” by the beauty parlor owner when she improperly had the salon opened (and didn’t wear a MASK!). Does anyone want a Speaker of the House who can be so easily SET UP?”

Meanwhile, during a press conference, Salon Owner Erica Kious blasted Speaker Pelosi, saying “For the Speaker of the House to go on TV and falsely claim she was set up and publicly defame me, and sent out PR firms…in support of the Speaker’s own lies is bad enough.”

“But for Speaker Pelosi to frame herself as a victim under a totally false narrative while small businesses and workers all over California, the state she represents in Congress,  suffer and struggle just to survive is beyond shameful.” she added.