WATCH: Even Democrats are beginning to blame Biden for high gas prices

Some Democrat lawmakers are beginning to blame Biden for high gas prices.

Rep. Abigail Spanberger, a Virginia Democrat, said in an interview this week “There is a variety of contributing impacts, but certainly I think the buck stops with the president and I’m proud to be among those legislators on Capitol Hill that continue to ring the alarm bells about how serious this is.”

Meanwhile, Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, balled Biden’s release of oil from the strategic reserve a “policy band-aid” while calling out the real problem as “the self-inflicted wound that shortsighted energy policy is having on our nation.”

Former investment banker and New York Times bestselling author Carol Roth called Biden’s release from the strategic reserve  “a publicity stunt.”

“The amount that they released from the reserves maybe gave us two and a half to three days worth of oil,” said Roth.

Roth argues that the oil reserves are for emergencies but instead being used after Biden himself “canceled oil and gas leases, shut down a pipeline, and has been pushing us away from our energy independence.”

“Unfortunately, if this continues to go on this trajectory, it actually could impact our ability to have power overall. So it would be really good to go back to being the number one energy producer in the world instead of being in a position to beg oil cartels,” she added.