WATCH: Democrat Rep. Al Green Vows to “Bring Trump to Justice”

On Thursday, Democrat Rep. Al Green railed against President Trump, reaffirming his vows to bring about Trump’s impeachment while touting himself as the lawmaker to achieve the task.

“Mr. President, you finally encountered at least one person that your money can’t buy, and your power doesn’t scare,” said Green. “You have a date with destiny, Mr. President, your fate is in the hands of 435 members of Congress.

Green continued, “Impeachment is in the hands of this Congress,” adding, “Mr. President, I assure you that the long arm of the law is reaching out for you.”

“If no one else will bring you to justice, I will, Mr. President,” before menacingly stating, “It’s just a matter of time, Mr. President, it’s just a matter of time.”