WATCH: Dem Who Thanked Trump Says Gov. Whitmer Sent Her Unpleasant Texts

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tweeted Saturday:

Democrat Party bosses are trying to silence her for saying something positive about @realDonaldTrump.Gretchen Whitmer is sending her harassing texts.

But Rep. Karen Whitsett has a simple message: “That’s not going to stop me.”

Townhall report on Fox News Friday night, Michigan State Representative Karen Whitsett told Tucker Carlson that text messages she’s been receiving from Governor Whitmer have not been pleasant ever since the Democratic state lawmaker credited President Trump for her personal recovery from the Wuhan coronavirus. The lawmaker now faces a censure from her Democratic colleagues for crediting the president for her recovery.

Tucker Carlson asked Whitsett if the governor ever called the representative to simply say, “I’m so glad you didn’t die?”

“Actually, it was not as pleasant as that,” Rep. Whitsett began, “and the text messages that we have had since then have not been as pleasant as well.”

Rep. Whitsett said she “didn’t know ‘thank you’ belonged to one political party over another,” and said she will continue to speak out against the governor or any other person who stands in the way of Michiganders getting access to the medicine and equipment they need to survive the disease.

The lawmaker previously said she was feeling extremely ill until she began taking hydroxychloroquine. Whitsett credited President Trump for helping her gain access to the medication that she and her doctor believe to be responsible for helping her survive the virus. After Trump expressed optimism in the decades-old anti-malaria drug, Gov. Whitmer inexplicably moved to restrict the drug’s off-label use as a treatment for the coronavirus.

Gov. Whitmer has been raising her political profile amid the ongoing pandemic, likely due to the governor’s name reportedly being on the shortlist of potential VP picks for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.