WATCH: Dem Nadler FURIOUS Don Jr. Didn’t Get Charged By Mueller

During an interview on Sunday, Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler voiced his outrage that special counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation team did not charge Donald Trump Junior for the now-infamous meeting in Trump Tower.

“I do not understand why he didn’t charge Don Jr. and others,” said Nadler, who alleged members of the Trump campaign “entered into a meeting of the minds to attend a meeting to get stolen material on Hillary. They went to the meeting. That’s conspiracy right there.”

Nadler’s reaction to the recently-released Mueller report, which vindicated the president and his campaign of collusion and obstruction allegations, echoed sentiments of his Democrat colleagues.

Conservatives, however, quickly took to social media to refute Nadler’s assertions, with many pointing out that the meeting, itself, has been questioned as a possible “set up” designed to ensnare members of the Trump campaign.