WATCH: Dem Lawmaker Pushing to Allow Members of Congress to Vote Remotely

Appearing on CNN, Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) told Chris Cuomo that she is calling on Congress to adopt a remote voting procedure during the coronavirus pandemic.

Katie Porter:

We’re asking the American people to adopt public health measures, and it’s really important that Congress not only pass this bill, but that Congress adopt public health measures itself. Congress itself has been flat-footed itself during this crisis in terms of how we deal with things.

I am calling on Congress tonight, on leaders of both parties, to adopt a remote-voting procedure to ensure that if we’re not able to travel, if this public health crisis worsens, that we’re still able to have a quorum and we’re still able to take vote.

Chris Cuomo:

You’re the law professor. What’s going to be the pushback about why they don’t usually allow remote votes? You know, we have seen that in the past, where people are sick: ‘Will he or she be able to make it back in time?’ What’s going to be the legal pushback? And how do you overcome it?

Rep. Katie Porter:

There is no legal barrier, that I am aware of, to remote voting.

It could be adopted tonight, this evening, as part of an updated rules package in the House and then could be invoked if necessary. I represent the state of California. People there are worried. We have had outbreaks there. I answered the phone in my office this morning and talked firsthand to constituents about what’s going on. But those constituents are also counting on me to cast those votes.


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