WATCH: Dem Hakeem Jeffries Claims Trump Tried to “Cheat” and Attacked America’s Chraracter

Democratic Rep. and impeachment manager Hakeem Jeffries compared claimed during his time that President Trump tried to “cheat” in “an attack” on America’s character.

Rep. Hakeen Jeffries:

Whenever America has found itself in a tough spot, we always make it to the other side. We were in a tough spot in December of 1941 when a foreign power struck, plunging us into a great conflict with the evil empire of Nazi Germany, but America made it to the other side.

We were in a tough spot on September 11th when the towers were struck and young men and women like Jason Crow were sent to Afghanistan to fight the terrorists there so we didn’t have to fight the terrorists here, and we made it to the other side. 

America is a great country. We can handle adversity better than any other nation in the world. But what are going to do about our character? President Trump tried to cheat and solicit foreign interference in an American election. That is an attack on our character.


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