WATCH: Dem Brian Sims “Runs Away” After Being Cornered By an Angry Constituent

Philadelphia lawmaker Brian Sims made headlines when he bullied and verbally abused an elderly woman, who was peacefully protesting at Planned Parenthood with her rosary beads.

The National Review reported that on how to explain Brian Sims…None of the three most likely possibilities — that he is not very bright, that he is insane, that he is a fanatic — speaks very well of the Pennsylvania state representative, who for some reason decided to accost an elderly woman praying silently in front of an abortion facility, to film the attack, and then to boast about it on Twitter.

It is tempting to lean toward stupidity as an explanation for Sims’s shenanigans, if only because that is the most statistically likely scenario when the subject in question is a member of the Pennsylvania state legislature, as witless a collection of moldering goofs and ravening mediocrities as you will find in any of our state capitals.

But let’s not give short shrift to the insanity option. Sims — who holds elected office and previously worked for the Philadelphia Bar Association — offered a cash bounty to his social-media followers for identifying information with which to “dox” three teenage girls who were praying outside the same clinic. Mentally normal adult men do not go around photographing teenaged girls and then trolling for their names on social media in order to facilitate harassing them. Generally speaking, adult men who go around taking photographs of teenaged girls are considered creeps; Representative Sims is a homosexual, which may spare him the charge of lechery in this matter, but his behavior is still pretty weird.

Sims tried to apologize, but only made matters worse.

Watch the video:

Now, a new video has surfaced of Mr. Sims, running away from a black male constituent who accused him of ignoring the needs of minorities.

Watch the video: