WATCH: Delusional Dem Rep. Claims “There’s No Crisis at the Border”

During an interview on Sunday, Democrat Rep. Ben Ray Lujan was asked about his previous remarks on the crisis at the US-Mexico border, which he has denied, and doubled down while attempting to blame President Trump for the issue.

Lujan stated his belief that “this is not the national security crisis that the president continues to describe.”

“There is a humanitarian crisis, but it’s created by President Donald Trump,” said Lujan, who suggested the growing reports of a serious crisis at the border was political theatre.

When pressed with the ever-increasing number of migrants apprehended each month, Lujan blamed DHS for failing to “accurately” report the rising number of detained migrants and asylum seekers.

The Democrat lawmaker suggested that “when the Department of Homeland Security is reporting [the numbers of detained migrants,] I don’t believe that they are accurately describing the numbers.”