WATCH: “Defund the Police” Mural Altered to Read “Defend the Police” before being altered back

A mural outside Milwaukee’s City Hall that read “Defund the Police” was temporarily altered to say “Defend the Police.”

The mural was later altered back and the original “u” was put back in place.


According to Urban Milwaukee, a group of a couple dozen activists met outside of City Hall Sunday morning to repaint the message painted earlier this week: Defund The Police.

The mural, unsanctioned by the city, was painted on the 800 block of N. Water Street five days earlier. Then two days later at some time during the night an unknown group painted over some of the letters changing the mural to “Defend The Police.”

The group repainting the mural Sunday morning ran yellow caution tape across Water Street, affixing it to light poles, to secure the street for the artists. Approximately nine Milwaukee Police Department officers showed up as the group was setting up and took down their tape, telling the group they couldn’t block the street off to paint the mural. One officer was videotaping the group with a camcorder.

The group was determined to paint anyways, and blocked the street off with cars and rolled tape across the street again. Police took down the license plates of the vehicles.