WATCH: De Niro Gets Political Again As He Accepts His SAG Award, Calls out “Blatant Abuse of Power”

Robert De Niro received the Screen Actors Guild lifetime achievement award Sunday and used the opportunity to deliver a politically charged speech that took not very subtle aim at President Trump and Republicans.

Robert deNiro:

Political leaders who support unions are more likely to support the Affordable Care Act, equitable taxes, humane integration, regulations, a safe environment, a diverse citizenry, reproductive rights, sensible gun control, and fair wages and benefits.

I can imagine some of you would say, let’s not get into politics. But we’re in such a dire situation, so deeply concerning to me and so many others, I have to say something. 

And I thought i did a pretty good job saying it to variety the other day so i’m going to quote myself.

There’s right and there’s wrong, and there’s commonsense and there’s abuse of power and as a citizen, I have as much right as anybody — an actor, an athlete, a musician, anybody else to voice my opinion and if I have a bigger voice because of my situation, I’m gonna use it whenever I see a blatant abuse of power.


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