De Blasio suggests large outdoor pro-Biden celebrations not a major concern for him

During a press conference Monday, NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio suggested that massive crowds celebrating for Joe Biden were not a major concern for him since they are outdoors and “people have a mask on.”

De Blasio had said in the same event “the more that people wear masks, practice social distancing, all those basics, the more we’re able to fight back that second wave.”

After being asked about the celebrations for Biden, De Blasio did not condemn the celebrations.

Instead he said “We’re always looking at that and any other situation like it. I had this conversation with the doctors this morning, the huge difference between outdoors with a mask versus indoors without a mask. This is really what we’re seeing, decisively. Those outdoor gatherings, always something to keep an eye on, but if people have a mask on and they’re outdoors, we haven’t seen too much ill come of that.”

He added “Increasingly, the concern is more and more people indoors…not enough…wearing a mask, that’s overwhelmingly where our concern is.”