WATCH: De Blasio rips Cuomo over “unacceptable behavior” says “this is a trust crisis if I’ve ever seen one”

NY Mayor Bill de Blasio did not mince words while slamming fellow Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is facing an avalanche of scandals. De Blasio accused Cuomo of “unacceptable behavior” and creating “a crisis of confidence.”

“Two women have come forward with very detailed accounts of sexual harassment,” De Blasio said. “This is the kind of thing that should never happen in today’s society anywhere — but particularly with someone entrusted with leadership and who is supposed to look for the rights of women.

“To see that someone may have literally used their power over a young woman, the fact she was an employee, to try to insinuate she should have a sexual relationship with him,” he continued. “That’s how certainly Charlotte Bennett heard it. And I don’t blame her given the details we heard. That sounds exactly like what was being said. That’s unacceptable behavior.”