WATCH: DC BLM Protesters at Target “We Will Continue to Shut Your Business Down”

Drew Hernandez shared a number of videos on Twitter of BLM protesters at a DC Target.

In one scene they warn “All black people, living around this neighborhood, because you prioritize money over people, until you stop calling the police, we will continue to shut your business down.”


Per Drew Hernandez:

BLM has now entered a mini shopping center and Target in DC – no looting – they are protesting in Target now

I really would like to know why DC Police allowed BLM to trespass into a DC Target to make threats tonight with customers still inside

Black Lives Matter literally threatened @Target today in DC

Apparently if that @Target in DC ever calls the cops on a black person ever again

BLM will shut them down

Sounds a lot like what Hawk Newsome said on Fox the other night about “burning down the system”