WATCH: Dan Bongino gives hopeful update on his cancer battle

Appearing on Fox and Friends Christmas daay, conservative powerhouse Dan Bongino gave a hopeful update on his cancer battle.

Bongino noticed a tumor in his neck earlier this year and has been diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, a blood cancer.

Bongino said while on Fox and Friends “It’s been tough. I’m tired. The chemo’s rough. You got to get through it with a bit of a sense of humor though.”

“I get your emails, I read all of your social media posts, and, really, it’s been heartwarming,” Bongino said, thanking fans for the positive support “I will be A-OK though. I promise you. My prognosis is really good.”

Bongino also commented on Rush Limbaugh’s struggle with lung cancer.

“God bless him and his struggle too,” Bongino said “and everyone out there struggling with this awful disease.”