WATCH: D.L. Hughley asks why fight for monuments “so steeped in our pain, in our anguish?”

Appearing on TMZ, comedian D.L. Hughley questioned why people want to hold on to monuments that are steeped in the pain of black people.

D.L Hughley:

There are men who are fighting for monuments for who did far worse to black people.

Andrew Jackson is a horrible man who killed thousands and thousands of people, and you insist on having a monument to him, you insist on having him on our money.

It isn’t that monuments. It isn’t why we want them gone. It’s why does America feel the need to hold on to them? It isn’t why we won’t want them gone.

It’s what is it about them that makes you — that satiates you so much. Why is your history so steeped in our pain, in our anguish? And why do you want to hold onto it?