WATCH: Cuomo urges GOP leadership to replace Senator Ron Johnson

During a segment devoted to bashing Republican Senator Ron Johnson, CNN’s Chris Cuomo urged GOP leadership to replace him.

“We’re past fact-checking what comes out of Ron Johnson’s mouth, because so much of it constitutes a domestic threat. You know what those other 49 Republican senators swore to defend against? That,” Cuomo said. “You want proof? Just name the danger. According to DHS under Trump, there were spikes in domestic threats driven by people stoking fears about immigration. In other words, what Johnson just did.”

“The Wisconsin senator hasn’t said if he’s running for reelection next year, but the question for leadership is, why would you want him?” Cuomo later asked. “Why don’t you make that reach out to people who are center-right and reasonable, and stand against all of the BS coming out of his mouth? That’s not what being a Republican is about.”