WATCH: Cuomo says “to be a bar” that serves alcohol chicken wings don’t count as “substantive food”

Earlier today, Governor Cuomo said chicken wings are not substantial food for bars to be allowed to sell alcohol.

He added that sandwiches were the “lowest level” of substantive food.

“To be a bar you had to have food available. Soups, Sandwiches, etc.” Cuomo explained “More than just Hors d’oeuvre, chicken wings, etc.”

Fox News reports want to buy alcohol at a restaurant or bar in New York state? Then you’ll need to order something more filling to eat besides “Cuomo chips.”

After a New York pub started selling “Cuomo chips” for a dollar a bag to get around a rule requiring that food be sold with every alcohol order, the State Liquor Authority has updated its guidance, according to a report.

Now customers will have to order a “substantial food” item – such as chicken wings, hot dogs or a salad, reported.

The idea behind the original rule was to keep patrons in their seats – and not gathering in groups amid coronavirus social distancing requirements, the report said.

Fearing a loss of business, Matthew Bagley and Adam Humphrey, co-owners of Harvey’s Irish Pub in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., came up with “Cuomo chips” –- just a standard bag of potato chips renamed for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

During an appearance Tuesday on “Fox & Friends,” Bagley and Humphrey claimed their idea – which spread to other bars and restaurants around the state — was an immediate hit.

Humphrey said the chips “got some pretty good feedback from our bar regulars and restaurant guests that came in.”

He added that customers “thought it was kind of funny” and “kind of lightened the blow that they had to buy another food item.”