WATCH: Cruz issues “simple challenge” to AOC while speaking on Senate floor “Go see the Biden cages with your own eyes”

While speaking on the Senate Floor, Texas Senator Ted Cruz issued a challenge to progressive NY Democrat AOC.

“Mr. President, every Democrat who stood up and lamented kids in cages, in the House of Representatives, Representative Ocasio-Cortez, has a famous photo of her grasping her head by the kids in cages,” Cruz said as he mocked her and imitated the viral photo “Well, I’m going to give a simple challenge for Representative Ocasio-Cortez and for every Democrat in this body. Go see the Biden cages with your own eyes.”

“Why does Joe Biden refuse to go to the Rio Grande Valley?” he asked.

“Because if he goes, the TV cameras will come with him. Why does Kamala Harris, who’s supposed to be the border czar, she’s supposed to be in charge of this, why won’t she go to the Rio Grande Valley? Because if she went, the TV cameras would come and would show the Biden cages. And the Democrats are counting on the corrupt corporate media to suddenly say nothing to see here. 15,000 Haitians under a bridge in Del Rio. Nothing to see here.”

“Anyone want to know what Joe Biden’s favorite ice cream flavor is? That’s the news!” Cruz concluded.