WATCH: Crenshaw questions study used to justify mask guidance

Appearing on Fox News,  Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) questioned the study cited by the CDC to justify mask guidance.

“So we had our staff go through the CDC’s website and see what they were citing to justify the new mask mandate. It turns out they are citing a single study from India,” Crenshaw said.

“That study by the way is assessing of a vaccine that isn’t approved in the U.S. it’s assessing the AstraZeneca vaccine,” he continued. “We dug a little further, and it turns out that that study was also rejected in peer review.”

“They changed the status of rejection to revise the day of the CDC’s announcement. This is extremely suspicious, so you have a single study, not from our country, not with a vaccine that we even use. It gets worse than that so, the CDC and the administration keeps saying they are going to come out with other studies. Well, behind closed doors they have told reporters they have no such data, they have no other studies,” he added.