WATCH: CPAC Erupts in Boos When Romney’s Name is Mentioned

The mere mention of Mitt Romney’s name led the CPAC crowd to erupt in boos while Turning Point’s Charlie Kirk was speaking.

Charlie Kirk:

The Republican Party of Mitt Romney (LOUD BOOS)

Correct answer, by the way. Correct. Every time his name is mentioned you should respond that way.

Because he lied to every single person in this room that knocked on doors for him, that made phone calls for him, that donated to his campaign, because we thought that he was going to be a crusader against the Marxist president that preceded Donald Trump.


As TCO reported, According to a new YouGov/Economist poll, the vast majority of Republicans now view Mitt Romney unfavorably.

Romney was the sole Republican Senator to vote alongside Democrats to convict President Trump at the end of his impeachment trial.

From YouGov

President Trump has unified the GOP, though there are segments of the party that still disagree with him.

In this poll, 18 percent of Republicans approve of the House of Representatives impeachment votes (but only half that percentage of Republicans think the President should have been removed from office or disapprove of how the President is handling his job overall).

Utah Senator Mitt Romney’s vote to convict the President on one impeachment count does not sit well with Republicans.

In this poll, only 21 percent of Republicans have a favorable rating of Romney; 70 percent are unfavorable (Democrats, on the other hand, view him favorably, 62% to 25%.)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s ripping up of the text of the President’s speech after the State of the Union gets criticism:

Americans disapprove 48 percent to 38 percent. Those who disapprove include 21 percent of Democrats and 51 percent of Independents.