WATCH: Cotton says taxes are “least damaging” part of “far reaching” Hunter Biden probe

Appearing on Fox News, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton suggested the probe into Hunter Biden appears to be “far reaching” and his taxes may be the “least damaging” part.

“The Biden campaign released details of a tax fraud investigation in Wilmington. I think that was just to show maybe the least damaging part of the investigation. There are allegations of securities fraud, money laundering related to Hunter Biden’s Chinese businesses, a crooked hospital deal with Jim Biden, Joe Biden’s brother out in western Pennsylvania,” Cotton said.

“These investigations span multiple jurisdictions, calling for a special counsel to be appointed to continue the investigation after Biden takes office,” Cotton continued.

“If Joe Biden becomes president, then all those prosecutors are in line to be fired next month. If there were ever circumstances that create a conflict of interest and call for a special counsel, that’s here,” he added.

A source has told Politico, investigators in Delaware and Washington were also looking into “potential money laundering” and “Hunter Biden’s” foreign ties.