WATCH: Cotton challenges Biden to “make clear that we recognize that China is a dangerous threat”

Appearing on Fox News, Tom Cotton challenged President Biden to take China seriously as “our most dangerous and long-term strategic competitor.”

Cotton said Biden’s “campaign has said the Chinese leadership weren’t bad folks and that they weren’t our competitors. Of course, they’re our most dangerous and long-term strategic competitor. But to simply rebuke President Trump for being the first president in two generations to stand up to the Chinese Communist Party and to say he’s going to do it differently but not specifying what he’s going to do differently is not a show of strengths.”

“Even his friends in liberal media are demanding that we have access to the labs in Wuhan, that China begins to come clean about what happened there a year ago,” he continued.

“There are other things, of course, he can do, like continue the arms sales that we accelerated to Taiwan in the Trump administration, make it clear that we’re going to stand with our allies on China’s periphery as they continue to threaten places like Taiwan and India, and make clear that we recognize that China is a dangerous threat. And he says he wants to follow the international rules of the road, make it clear that we know that China uses those international rules and organizations and tries to bend and corrupt them to their own interests and that we’re not going to stand by and let them do that,” he added.