WATCH: Coronavirus Patient Dragged Back to Hospital Moments After Talking to Press

DailyMail reports this is the astonishing moment a coronavirus patient is dragged back into hospital by panicked health workers while being interviewed on live TV – as the first cases hit Holland and Nigeria.

In the clip, the Iranian citizen thanked the people of Georgia and paid tribute to the doctors treating him, before health workers dragged him back into the Tbilisi hospital.

The journalists present were expecting to hear from a medical official but were surprised when the patient turned up.

In the footage that went viral the man, whose name is not known, said: I am so happy. Thank you very (much), people of Georgia. Thank you very (much), thank you so very (much). Hospital, doctors in hospital Georgia. This hospital is perfect and professional.’

Later, the individual was transported to the Georgian town of Abastumani where patients are being quarantined.

It comes as the escalating worldwide crisis has left countries scrambling to contain the spread of the deadly virus, with the first cases now confirmed in the Netherlands and in Nigeria.

More than 82,000 people across the world have caught the virus and 2,800 have died – Antarctica is the only continent yet to record a case. Sixteen cases have been confirmed on British soil but it has yet to spread between humans in the UK.

Further afield, Germany and France have warned of the ‘start of an epidemic’, as Europe scrambles to contain a coronavirus outbreak spreading from Italy across the continent.


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