WATCH: Confused Pelosi is in Connecticut But Thinks She’s in California

Video after video have surfaced of Speaker Pelosi’s erratic behavior including forgetting where she is and slurring words.

The latest incident takes place in Connecticut. During a speech, Pelosi forgot where she was and thanked “California.”

American Mirror reported that Pelosi missed it by 3,000 miles.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was in Connecticut over the weekend, but thought she was in California.

Pelosi was attempting to tout the government expansion policies of Connecticut Democrats, particularly a medical leave law, when she said, “Thank you, California. Oh!” she said with a giggle as the audience laughed at her error.

“Connecticut Democratic delegation,” she corrected. “California just keeps being there, huh?”

Moments earlier, she suffered a Freudian slip while talking about the same law.

“Thank you Connecticut for having the most generous and expensive— expansive paid medical leave,” she said, as the crowd roared hilariously.

Those were not Pelosi’s only flubs.

She botched “transformational” and “forward-looking.”

Praising Rep. Johanna Hayes, Pelosi said she was the “19— excuse me, 2016 Teacher of the Year.”

“Rosa (DeLauro) talked about our Cali— our del— our caucus,” she stumbled.

And now we must depen— uh, defend our majority,” Pelosi told the crowd.

We have a President who denies science’s impact— role in any of our decisions,” she accused, before declaring that there will be “no clean air for your children and grandchildren to breathe” because Trump reversed an Obama environmental edict.

“He thinks that’s okay,” she huffed.

“And we must investigate to stop Russia’s continued interventions in our elections. We must invest the President,” she said, misspeaking.

She said Democrats need to take a punch and throw a punch “for the children. For the children.”

Watch the video: