WATCH: Confused Pelosi Holds up TWO Fingers to Tell You “THREE Things”

A seemingly confused and stammering Nancy Pelosi, held up two fingers, as she struggled to tell a crowd to remember “three things” while holding up two fingers.

Last week, President Trump shared a compilation video highlighting Pelosi’s recent gaffes and confusion, that some in the media claimed was “doctored.”

American Mirror wondered if WAPO would call this video “doctored,”

As Nancy Pelosi’s faced new health questions this week, she sought to discuss “three things” during a press conference, but held up only two fingers.

Stumbling through her words, she said, “There’s three things,” flashing two digits.

“You might understand it better if you remember these three things,” she said, half holding up a third finger.

The strange behavior as the Washington Post sought to discredit any questions about Pelosi’s health by highlighting an obscure video account that slowed down her speech to make her appear inebriated.

Watch the video: