WATCH: Comey says “I can’t imagine that I’m a target” of the Durham probe

Appearing on “Face the Nation” former FBI Director James Comey was asked “Do you know if you’re a witness or target or have you sat for an interview with John Durham as part of the investigation?”

Comey responded “I have no idea. I’ve had no contact with him and haven’t talked to him.”

Marg Brennan then asked “Do you believe that then means that you are a target?”

Comey responded ““I can’t imagine that I’m a target. I saw the news report that John Brennan was a witness. Given that I know what happened during 2016 which was a bunch of people trying to do the right thing consistent with the law i’m not worried at all about that investigation. Next i’m sure they’ll be an investigation of the investigation of the investigation. They just want to have an investigation to talk about”