Colbert fumes over Kennedy’s gun control comments, says “It’s clearly time to get rid of idiots like John Kennedy. And that means voting them out”

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert took issue with Republican Senator John Kennedy saying that “I don’t believe we have a gun control problem in America. I believe we have an idiot control problem.”

Colbert called Kennedy the “idiot” for his view.

“When idiots like John Kennedy refuse to do anything about getting rid of idiots’ guns. It’s clearly time to get rid of idiots like John Kennedy,” Colbert said, adding “and that means voting them out.”

Earlier this week, Kennedy said “We have a lot of drunk drivers in America that killed a lot of people. We ought to try to combat that, too. But I think what many folks on my side of the aisle are saying is that the answer is not to get rid of all sober drivers. The answer is to concentrate on the problem.”

Colbert fired back, saying “I’ll take that deal. Let’s regulate guns the way we regulate alcohol and cars. You gotta be 21, ya gotta pass a test and get a license, you gotta have registration and insurance for your gun. And if you move to a new state, you’ve gotta do the whole damn thing over again and you can’t go out loaded.”