WATCH: CNN’s Toobin Argues DOJ Dropping Flynn Case Means “The Fix Was In”

During a recent appearance on CNN, legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin argued that the DOJ dropping the Flynn case means “the fix was in.”

Per The Week “Attorney General [William] Barr is already being accused of creating a special justice system just for President Trump’s friends,” and this will only feed that perception, CNN’s Jake Tapper suggested.

Political correspondent Sara Murray agreed, noting that the prosecutor in the case, Brandon Van Grack, withdrew right before the Justice Department submitted its filing, just like when Barr intervened to request a reduced sentence for Roger Stone.

National security correspondent Jim Sciutto laid out several reason why the substance of Flynn’s admitted lie was a big deal, and chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin was appalled. “It is one of the most incredible legal documents I have read, and certainly something that I never expected to see from the United States Department of Justice,” Toobin said.

“The idea that the Justice Department would invent an argument — an argument that the judge in this case has already rejected — and say that’s a basis for dropping a case where a defendant admitted his guilt shows that this is a case where the fix was in.”


Appearing on CBS,  Barr responded to backlash from critics who say he’s doing the president’s bidding.