WATCH: CNN Hosts Dismayed Over Report Trump Seeks to Further Purge Disloyal Staffers

President Trump’s new personnel chief John McEntee told agency officials at a meeting to expect staffing changes and movements across the government, people familiar with the meeting told CNN.

McEntee, a loyalist, is also reportedly on the look out for disloyal staffers and wants to purge NeverTrumpers that Trump sees as “snakes.”

CNN’s Jim Acosta and Brooke Baldwin responded to the news and as you might expect, found it troubling.


As reported earlier, President Trump has appointed trusted loyalist Johnny McEntee to “purge” the U.S. government of Never Trumpers and he’s apparently already doing what he was hired to do.

Trump wants to clear out all the disloyal people who he sees as “snakes.”

Axios reports Johnny McEntee called in White House liaisons from cabinet agencies for an introductory meeting Thursday, in which he asked them to identify political appointees across the U.S. government who are believed to be anti-Trump, three sources familiar with the meeting tell Axios.

Behind the scenes: McEntee, a 29-year-old former body man to Trump who was fired in 2018 by then-Chief of Staff John Kelly but recently rehired — and promoted to head the presidential personnel office — foreshadowed sweeping personnel changes across government.

  • But McEntee suggested the most dramatic changes may have to wait until after the November election.
  • Trump has empowered McEntee — whom he considers an absolute loyalist — to purge the “bad people” and “Deep State.”
  • McEntee told staff that those identified as anti-Trump will no longer get promotions by shifting them around agencies.