WATCH: CNN Chyron During Don Lemon Rant Refers to “Toothless Republicans who blindly support” Trump

During a recent CNN segment with Don Lemon, the Chyron description on the bottom of the screen reads in all caps “TRUMP DRAGGING EVERYONE DOWN, EVEN TOOTHLESS REPUBLICANS WHO BLINDLY SUPPORT HIM.”

During an emotional monologue, host Don Lemon shouts “They’re acting like it is still a campaign and it’s any man’s race to win. Your guy lost!”

“You want to turn up the volume? He lost!” he continued “And here’s what’s so funny to me about the way the Republican party can’t say, boo, to their golden goose. This is ‘The New York Times,’ okay, as a next step, Mr. Trump is talking seriously about announcing that he is planning to run again in 2024, aware that whether he actually does it or not, it will freeze an already crowded field of possible Republican candidates.”

“So, these Republicans are willing to put Trump first and democracy second because they want the Trump base. But here, think about it. Trump is never ever going to let you have it, you people who think you’re running in 2024. Never going to have it. Never,” he added.