WATCH: Chuck Todd Accuses AG Barr of “Collusion,” Trump Supporters React

Chuck Todd and his cohorts at NBC were accused by conservatives of having a collective meltdown as the Russia collusion narrative collapsed with the full release of the Mueller report.

Per Breitbart, Chuck Todd commented on reporting from The New York Times that Justice Department officials “had numerous conversations” with White House lawyers about the Mueller report.

Todd said, “I don’t know what you want to call it. Shamelessness, hubris, whatever it is, but the fact that had any Democrat tried anything like this, the impeachment hearings would be ––I mean, when Barack Obama on ’60 Minutes’ said, ‘You know, these emails… it doesn’t look like there’s much there there.’ ‘Oh, my God. He can’t speak about a criminal investigation.’ Where are all of these House Republicans now that were so up in arms about the president talking about Hillary Clinton’s emails, when what you have here, the attorney general briefing the President of the United States on a case that involves the President of the United States. What is the difference?”

He continued, “This is actual collusion!”

He added, “By the way in case you’re wondering what does collusion look like, it looks like the attorney general’s lawyers briefing the president before Congress or the public.”

Trump supporters were quick to call out the behavior.

Kathleen Fleury-Olsen wrote “#ChuckTodd what an embarrassment you continue to be? You hitched your wagon to the wrong star and it’s hilarious to watch the meltdown.”

Piper wrote “The media is having a meltdown because Barr is calling the shots on how and when the Mueller report is disseminated. It’s laughable to watch. I thought Chuck Todd was going to cry…this is not fair.”

Watch the video: