WATCH: Christians Sang Hymns as Notre Dame Cathedral Burned

While the famed Notre Dame church in Paris burned, Christians gathered to sing hymns.

The BBC reported that thousands of people gathered in the streets around Notre-Dame cathedral as the building burned. Many expressed shock and disbelief at the sight.

Some could be seen openly weeping, while others sang hymns or said prayers.

Watch the video:

From Deseret News

any people gathered outside of the Notre Dame Cathedral Monday night to sing hymns in honor of the damaged historic site.

Videos appeared on social media of patrons standing outside the still-smoking cathedral and singing religious songs, according to CNN.

“As evening falls in Paris, crowds are still gathered near Notre Dame as the historic cathedral burns,” according to CNN. “A witness earlier in the day had described an eerie silence; now, the crowd has begun to sing hymns together, many on their knees.”