WATCH: Chris Wallace Claims “Every side is going to come out a winner” on Impeachment

Chris Wallace of Fox News, who has drawn the ire of many Trump supporters, is probably not going to win more fans on the right after he claimed “every side is going to come out a winner” in President Trump’s impeachment trial.

His claim contradicts a lot of evidence Democrats are devastated over their failure to secure witnesses.

Asked by reporters how he was handling the defeat on the witness vote, Senate Minority Leader admitted “It can’t get much worse.”

CNN Analyst Jeffrey Toobin reacted to the vote by saying ” Trump won. I mean you know he’s gonna win this trial. He won on the issue of witnesses. He’s going to get acquitted, and that’s how history will remember what went on here”

Chris Wallace:

I actually think every side is going to come out a winner in this.

The Republicans and the White House will be winners because the president will be acquitted and the trial to remove him from office will have failed.

I think the Democrats, who knew they were never going to get the president removed, will be able to argue, just as [Senate Minority Leader Charles] Schumer did, from now until November, that this was a cover-up and that all the Republican senators who are up for reelection in 2020 were part of that cover-up.


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