WATCH: Chris Wallace Calls Trump’s RNC Speech “Surprisingly Flat” and “Far Too Long”

After President Trump’s RNC Speech, Fox News Host Chris Wallace gave a lukewarm review.

Wallace credited Trump with “some good lines” but then criticized his delivery.

I have to say …. his delivery — and we have seen the president turn on a crowd — was surprisingly flat and it didn’t seem to have the bite that he usually does have in his speeches.” Wallace said.

Wallace later said the speech was “far too long.” as well.


Ironically, Jake Tapper and Dana Bash of CNN had some good things to say about President Trump’s speech.

“There has been a completely filtered President Trump,” says CNN’s Jake Tapper of the Republican National Convention. “That is the Trump that White House officials and campaign officials wish they had all the time, one who is not sending tweets that upset people.”

Dana Bash agreed saying Trump was “disciplined” and “he’s doing what he has to do.”

Trump’s Full Speech: