WATCH: Chris Matthews Distraught Over State of 2020 Dem Race After NH

While covering the New Hampshire primary results, Chris Matthews lamented that he believed Bernie had “delivered a knockout punch tonight” against fellow 2020 Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and that Biden was “not even in the running for moderate leader anymore.”

Christ Matthews:

I think, Brian, it seems to me, there has been a successful campaign by Bernie Sanders on the progressive left. He’s won that battle, at least up in New Hampshire, he may continue to do so.

But he’s definitely delivered a knockout punch tonight against Elizabeth Warren. On the other side, Biden is not even in the running for moderate leader anymore, and that’s a big development tonight. It is a battle on the moderate side between those — between Buttigieg and [Klobuchar]. It just is.

And I think we’re going to see the problem they both have is money and organization around the rest of the country.

Are they going to end up like Paul Tsongas did up here many years ago and couldn’t go anywhere afterwards? And that’s the problem they both face.

Supporters of Bernie Sanders noted Matthews looked particularly depressed during his coverage of the NH Primary results since he’s against Bernie.

Matthews had clearly hoped Buttigieg would beat Biden as can be seen with this coverage.