WATCH: Chris Krebs says Trump “has to resign” argues his “legacy is a heap of ashes”

Appearing on Face the Nation, Former Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security Chris Krebs argued Trump “has to resign.”

“There is an opportunity here, I think, to prevent further bloodshed,” Krebs continued, “and I don’t know if the president is capable of doing it, but he has to resign. He has to tell his supporters that he lied to them, that this was all his own fraud. He has to come out. We have to set an example for the rest of the free world that attempted coups, which is what this was, will not be tolerated.”

Krebs also added “I think at this point, particularly after Wednesday, the president’s legacy is a heap of ashes. There’s- there’s nothing redeemable at this point, given the fact that he incited this attempt to overturn democracy, a fair and free election.”