WATCH: Chris Cuomo Blames Trump for Toilet Paper Panic Buying

While President Trump takes fire and blame from many people every day, being directly blamed for a scarcity in toilet paper is a new one.

MRC reports as COVID-19 sweeps across the country, CNN’s Chris Cuomo is certain that Donald Trump is to blame for the surge in panic buying as he declared in a sometimes misleading and other times mocking address to viewers Friday evening.

The CNN host even pinned the scarcity in toilet paper on the President: “When you know things are serious, and Trump is feeding you a lot of BS, what do you do? You go for the TP.”

After playing a clip of HHS Secretary Alex Azar telling the country that stocking up on toilet paper won’t save them from the virus, Cuomo accused him of, “joking but also missing the point.”

This upsurge in the hoarding of toilet paper is Trump’s fault, he declared, “People are scared. A pandemic is scary. And the reality is not helped by a president who abused the truth.”