WATCH: Chris Christie Blasts Buttigieg For “Outright Lying About His Record”

During post-debate coverage, Chris Christie blasted Pete Buttigieg for “outright lying about his record.”


This is the part of the debate Christie was referring to.

Pete Buttigieg appears to try to lie about his record of arresting Blacks for marijuana possession, before getting shut down.

Per Politico, “The reality is, on my watch, drug arrests in South Bend were lower than the national average, and specifically lower than in Indiana,” Buttigieg said, avoiding the question about the increase of arrests over marijuana during his term. He then spoke about opiate arrests and the crack epidemic of the 1990s.

ABC debate moderator Linsey Davis then steered the issue back to the question, noting that arrests of black people for marijuana possession went up. Buttigieg said the arrests only increased in drug cases connected to serious crimes like “gun violence and gang violence, which was slaughtering so many in our community — burying teenagers, disproportionately black teenagers.”

Davis then asked Warren if Buttigieg answered the question.

“No,” Warren said. Applause rippled through the crowd.

“You have to own up to the facts and it’s important to own up to the facts about how race has totally permeated our justice system,” Warren said, pointing out that “study after study now shows African-Americans are more likely than whites to be detained, arrested, to be taken to trial, to be taken to trial to be convicted and receive harsher sentences.”


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