WATCH: Child at WH Easter Egg Hunt Steals Show, Tells Trump “Build That Wall!”

On Monday, at the White House Easter Egg Hunt, President Trump and First Lady Melania joined thousands on the White House Lawn, where he spoke briefly with one young attendee about his plans for the barrier at the US-Mexico border.

As he visited with children, one young man told Trump, “Keep building that wall,” to which he replied, “It’s happening, it’s being built right now.”

“Can you believe that?” asked a clearly-impressed President Trump, adding, “He’s going to be a conservative some day!”

Additionally, the president touted the strong US economy, stating, “Regulations, low taxes – our country has never done better,” before heaping praise on the US military, which he said is being “completely” rebuilt.

See President Trump’s discussion with the young man in the video below at around the thirty-minute mark.