WATCH: Cheery TikTok Abortion Video Sparks Controversy and Debate

A lighthearted, cheery mood TikTok abortion video has caused a firestorm of controversy and debate on social media.

Yahoo reports the lighthearted video features two teenage girls — one of them fist-pumping before she enters a Planned Parenthood exam room — after showing a positive pregnancy test.

After the video made its way to Twitter, it sparked a massive debate about abortion rights and criticism of the procedure on social media.

A viral TikTok video showing a teenage girl getting an abortion set off a fiery debate over abortion rights and how it was regarded on social media.

User @cpcake21 posted the 20-second clip, which begins with an apparently positive pregnancy test belonging to her friend, Ashley. The girl shows off her stomach before the video follows them to a Planned Parenthood clinic, where they point out a solemn couple in the waiting room before cutting to Ashley on the table in a medical gown.

The video, which was posted from a now-private profile but posted in some tweets, is overall lighthearted. Set to a remix of Bruno Mars’ “It Will Rain,” Ashley nervously laughs and fist pumps before she’s in the exam room.


The video has no noticeable optics of the procedure or graphic footage, but its casual tone set off a bitter debate across social media on both sides of the abortion-rights spectrum.

Conservative figures latched onto the video, calling it a distasteful take on a serious issue. Charlie Kirk, the president and founder of the conservative advocacy group Turning Point USA, wrote on Twitter that the video was “sick & depraved,” and blamed “the left.”

The video also caught the eye of Lila Rose, who currently serves as president of Live Action, a pro-life group that regularly posts anti-abortion content on TikTok. Rose slammed the video in one tweet as a show of “cruelty.” In a later tweet, she urged her followers to pray for the girl shown in the video and against pro-choice policies.