WATCH: Charles Barkley says the NBA doesn’t have the balls to suspend James despite violating protocol

Discussing LeBron James violating protocols but not getting suspended during the NBA playoffs, Charles Barkley said “The NBA ain’t got the f***ing balls to suspend LeBron James.”

“I love Adam Silver, rest in peace David Stern, best commissioner in sports. The NBA ain’t got the balls to f***ing suspend LeBron James. Zero. Listen, today, when I read that, I just — sometimes you read stuff, you just start laughing,” Barkley said.

“Hey, the NBA, they ain’t got no chance of suspending LeBron James. If it was a nobody, they would put him in healthy and safety protocols. Ain’t no f***ing way LeBron James is going to be sitting out with all the health and safety protocols. When I read that, I just started laughing. LeBron James is playing Sunday. Guarantee,” he added.