WATCH: Chaotic Scene as Portland Protesters Clash with Police

Chaos ensued in Portland as Police declared an unlawful assembly after protesters took barricades that blocked off streets.

KATU reports police arrested eight people during a protest at the Portland Justice Center that started on Saturday evening.

The protesters started gathering at about 7:30 p.m., and according to Portland Police, they took fencing and barricades to block off the streets near Southwest 3rd Avenue and Main Street.

Police officials said they issued several warnings before declaring an unlawful assembly shortly before 10:30 p.m. Saturday. Portland Police said officers then moved in to clear the barricades out of the street.

“During this engagement, officers had rocks, glass bottles, and paint thrown at them. Lasers and lights were directed at the officer’s eyes,” Portland Police said. “Crowd control munitions were used during this interaction, but not CS gas.”

At about 1:20 a.m., the group moved to Southwest 2nd Avenue between Madison and Main Streets and started blocking the door and gates to the bureau’s central precinct.

After further warnings, officers arrested some members of the group.

One of those arrested allegedly hit and officer in the face with a skateboard. The officer had a minor injury.

Police said protesters pulled two dumpsters into the street and they again declared the protest an unlawful assembly. Police closed off the area from Southwest 1st to 4th avenues between Clay and Morrison Streets, and told the group to disperse.

Again, officers used crowd control munitions to get the group to disperse, and most had left by about 2 a.m.

Through the course of the night, police arrested eight people associated with the protest.